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Transform your interiors with our beautiful linen curtains.

Made to Measure Linen CurtainsThey're 100% natural, soft, and breathable. And they come in a variety of styles and colours – not to mention elegant prints – so you can pick the perfect pair to complement your home. Plus, with our short lead times and instant price calculator, you're in control and you don't have to worry about waiting for a quote or running into unexpected costs. Shop now, and remember to order free samples to see how our linen curtains will look and feel in your home. Ada & Ina Linen curtains UK.

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  1. Tove Noir curtains
    Checked fabric with Black checks for curtains, roman blinds. Printed in house on natural linen cotton mix.
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Why Ada & Ina linen curtains?

Linen Curtains Ordering TipsPerhaps the most important reason why you should shop our linen curtains is because of their quality. We source only 100% natural fabrics from the very best of factories.

We also aim to be as eco-conscious as possible. That's why we use pigment printing, which does not involve steaming or washing the fabrics, thereby limiting its overall environmental impact. Furthermore, we use only OEKO-TEX® certified inks. These inks do not contain harmful chemicals and comply with ecological standards.

What's more, we stock a huge selection of linen fabrics, linen mix, and cotton fabrics for you to choose from – including our own elegantly designed print fabrics. All of which are available in different weights, styles, and colours.

When you shop with Ada & Ina, you get high-quality 100% natural linen at reasonable prices.

Are linen curtains a good idea?

linen curtain fabric choice

We'd say so, yes. And there are several reasons why.

Firstly, linen curtains offer your home a chic, natural look. They have a soft feel and delightful texture that complements a variety of aesthetics, and look particularly beautiful with sunlight passing through them. (Little wonder that linen was once considered a symbol of purity and luxury.)

Secondly, natural linen curtains are an eco-friendly choice. Their fabric is made from the fibres of the flax plant. Whereas many curtain fabrics found on the market today are made from synthetic fibres such as nylon and polyester. These are made from extremely polluting petrochemicals that contribute to global warming. (The process by which nylon is manufactured releases nitrous oxide, a greenhouse gas.) And since synthetic fibres are non-biodegradable, they aren't future friendly either.

And thirdly, as a fabric, linen carries with it a host of benefits. These include:

  • It's hypoallergenic, making it a great choice for people with allergies.
  • It's strong and durable, and can be repeatedly washed without getting damaged.
  • Linen curtains have a beautiful fullness that is always pleasing to the eye. It drapes well – especially if you choose softer or pre-washed linen fabric for your curtains.
  • Linen does not pill.

Expertly sewn made-to-measure linen curtains

We have a team of skilled seamstresses who are experienced in making high-quality made-to-measure linen curtains. They will sew your linen curtains exactly to the measurements you provide, and in the style you request. (They know how to sew a variety of styles, including pencil pleat, triple pleat, wave, and eyelet curtains, to name a few. All of these styles are available as blackout or thermal curtains.)

Remember to order free samples before you pick your linen curtains, and read our guide on measuring curtains before providing your final measurements. (We share information on how to measure a window with a curtain pole or a curtain track, as well as curtain heading heights and drops.)


made to measure linen curtains


Do linen curtains block light?
This will depend on the weight of the linen fabric. Medium-weight linen fabrics will let some light through, but they also look lovely with sunlight passing through them – something which cannot be achieved with other fabrics. However, if you wish to completely block out light, we recommend you make your linen curtains with blackout or thicker bonded blackout (blackout with a thick bonded fleece layer) lining.
Can you see through linen curtains?
Yes, you can see through some of our linen ranges. For example, our sheer linen curtains allow light to pass through them and will give your space a gentle, warm touch. But we also carry heavier fabrics with a tighter weave to give you more privacy. Many of our heavier fabrics can be used for both curtains and upholstery. Get in touch with us or order free samples to get a better feel for our fabrics.
How do you clean linen curtains?
We recommend you dry clean our linen curtains to avoid shrinkage. A washing machine cycle will shrink most of our fabrics (this is also true of our linings, even if you have one of our pre-washed curtains). If you are unable to dry clean them, then gently hand wash them in a clean sink or basin. While linen has a high abrasion resistance and tensile strength, it’s best to treat it with care to ensure it lasts for a long time. Never mix linen with dark-coloured fabrics. We recommend you keep an eye out for care instructions, as they will vary from product to product.
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