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This is what Ada & Ina's curtain lining fabrics looks like.

A lining is an extra layer of fabric added to the curtains or roman blinds. All of Ada & Ina's lining fabrics are ivory white, in order to preserve the colour of the original  curtain fabric.

Cotton Lining

A thin cotton fabric. A layer of cotton lining will make your curtains or blinds stronger and more stable. It also blocks out some daylight.

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Blackout Lining

A blackout lining is a thicker fabric (240g/m2) than the cotton lining, and ensures a complete block out of daylight.
Curtains with a blackout lining are especially favoured for bedrooms and living rooms, where preventing daylight is important.

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Thermal Lining

Thermal lining is a slightly thicker fabric (210g/m2) than cotton lining. This lining makes thermal insulated curtains, which prevents heat from escaping during the winters, as well as protects your home from the heat during the summer. Insulated curtains often help with energy costs. The thermal lining also has noise reducing properties and will soundproof your window, which suits windows facing noisy streets or apartments in cities.

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