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Would you like to buy roman blinds online, but unsure of how to take the correct measurements? At Ada & Ina we have created simple instructions for you on how to measure your window for roman blinds. You only need to measure the height and the length + the fitting height for your roman blinds – we will do the rest.

Our roman blind mechanism is strong, durable and of excellent quality. From a great range of different alternatives available on the market, we have chosen the mechanism that is strong, easy to use as well as easy to install.

Back side of a roman blind, from the window side


We produce roman blinds with thermal or blackout linings, or without any lining at all.

How to order roman blinds online:

1. Take measurements for the blinds. Please read further instructions on measuring.
2. Go to the order form.

3. Fill in the measurements and the fabric of your choice.
4. Click next, and choose a possible lining.
5. Finally, look through your order and make sure your measurements are correct. When you have done this, you can checkout.

At Ada & Ina all our roman blinds are custom made. Due to this, our prices are slightly higher than readymade blinds. Thus, the quality of our roman blinds online is higher, as is the guaranteed satisfaction of our customers. If any questions or special requirements, do not hesitate to contact us at Ada & Ina – we always strive to fulfill the wishes of our customers.

Curtains or roman blinds can be used for other than decorative purposes. They can be versatile and help keep your room cool, quiet or dark when your blind or curtain is completed with extra lining. A thermal lining will keep your room cool in the summer and warm during the winter, as well as prevent any cross-breeze. Blackout lining will effectively block out any sun, and it a great alternative to your bedroom blinds. The color of all linings is white.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us. We will gladly help you to find the perfect fabric, style and lining for your curtains or roman blinds online.

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