Offer to Bloggers - Curtain discount for Photos!

Blog Cooperation

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Do you have a keen eye for photography and would you like to have curtains for a BIG discount?

We’d just love to see more photos of our curtains which we have made, in a real life settings. If you have a nice interior, only lacking some beautiful made to measure curtains and you are able to take professional quality photos - we would be interested in working with you.

All you need to do is send us some nice photos of the window without the curtains and the style that you have got for the curtains. If your window and our curtains would be a good match we will consider making curtains or roman blinds for you – with only 30% of the normal price (70% discount!).

Please note that the photo quality and your interiors should be styled and look professional so that we can also use the photos on our website. We would also like you to add a link back to our website and to show the photo of the curtains which we made for you on your blog.

What is the blogging assignment?

Please follow these steps below.

  1. Email to Soile ( 
    • Introduce our brand on your blog.
    • email your photos of the room and window
    • Please price the curtains or blinds on our website and send the details to us– please bear in mind that reasonable requests are more likely to be accepted.
    • PLEASE state your follower counts and links to your social media accounts.
  2. If you request is accepted, we will make the curtains for you. You will first pay 70% of the normal retail price for the curtains.
  3. Once receiving the curtains, you would then write a blog post of 300 words minimum on your blog with one or two links to our website. Additionally you would take at least 5 good professional quality photos of the curtains, post at least one in your blog  and send all photos to us (we would get all rights for the photos). You will also share your blog post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The photo should be sent to us within 2 weeks after receiving the curtains and you will have to sign a form that you have given us the rights to use the photos in any way we consider fit.  When the photos are accepted by us and we have received the form signed we will refund you additional 30%. Please note that the photos have to be good and professional quality – if we do not want the rights for the photos we can’t refund you the last 30%. However you can send us couple of different versions and if one or more of the photos is accepted then you will be entitled to the further 40% refund for the curtains.

We will also follow you on social media and give you a retweet/ repost.

Preferred geographic location of the blogger:

United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Netherlands and Scandinavia

How we will compensate the blogger?

In the first stage you would have to pay only 70% of the normal price and once we will get the photos of the curtains in your window and rights for them we will refund you for the 40% of the normal curtain price, which would mean a 70% discount in total.