Linen Bedding

Linen Bedding

Linen Bedding UK! Linen Duvet Cover - Sale- DiscountedIndulge yourself with our linen bedding and sleep in our 100% Linen Duvet Cover and Linen Sheets. Our bedding is not only on-trend but it really serves its purpose and helps you to sleep better. UK weather can be challenging - pure linen bedding will help you to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. The flax used in our bedding products is the finest quality from the north western corner of France - in the beautiful fields of Normandy.

Ada & Ina's bedding is finished with lovely details - pillow cases have beautiful finished borders and duvet cover openings are closed with real coconut buttons . We love the feel and look of natural pure linen - it is true luxury. Our bedding is made of the finest natural 100% linen and finished with a stone wash, leaving a gorgeous relaxed look that also feels soft on the skin. There is no need for a bedspread if you have our beautiful natural fibre linen duvet cover and sheet.

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Ada & Ina's fabulous bedding is available in gorgeous colours like Natural, White, Light Grey, Dark Grey, Pale Pink, Dark and Pale Blues colours. We now also have Ready Made Bed Throws!

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French Linen Bedding - Yarn information

French Flax – it all starts from the yarn!


The Story of our bedding starts in Normandie in France. Normandie is famous for its flax cultivation and yarn production. Farmers there have been growing flax for generations and their skills and expertise have been passed down from generation to generation. The flax that has been used for creating beautiful bedding for Ada & Ina has been enjoying the glorious rays from the sun and occasional nourishing from the rain falls. Craftsmanship and optimal weather conditions are the most important factors in growing and producing high quality flax yarn which is woven into a fabric for long lasting and high-quality bedding produced for Ada & Ina



Guaranteed Soft Bed Linen


Linen fibre is naturally quite rough on the skin if not softened. There are various ways of softening the fabric, but we feel that the softest result is achieved by using Pumice Stone Wash. Stone washing helps to increase the softness and flexibility to give the final result of our luxurious bedding, which feels gorgeous on the skin and looks fabulously relaxed on the bed.

Benefits of Linen Bedding

Did you know that linen is considered to be one of the oldest fabrics used by humans. Linen fibres and fabrics have been even used as currency in ancient Egypt since it was consider so valuable.

And Egyptians were not wrong about valuing linen so high. It has many benefits or example:

  • It is hypoallergenic and antibacterial.
  • Simple to clean. Flax naturally repels dirt, which allows it to stay clean longer than bedding made from cotton fabric. It is easy to wash too - all our bedding can be washed in the washing machine.
  • It is perfect for hot summers since it is cool and breathable in summer. It is ideal for the winter since it will keep you warm - flax fiber is hollow so it will trap more air and keep you cozy.
  • It does not feel wet easily since it Linen can absorb up to 20% of its weight in water – so it feels dry and comfortable no matter what kind of sleeper you are.
  • Bedding which is made of 100% linen just gets better and softer after every wash – so it will feel even more luxurious over time. Our linen has been pre-washed so it is already really soft when you open the package for the first time tough.
  • It gives your bedroom perfect finished and at the same time relaxed look
  • Your linen sheets, a throw or a cushion can be tastefully creased or stylishly ironed. Linen has, for as long as fabrics have been woven, been associated with quality, wellness and luxury, which it still symbolises today.


Care instructions for Ada & Ina's Bedding




benefits of linen bedding information


linen bedding information manufacturing process

benefits of linen bedding information

Journey from the flax fields to beatiful bed linen



The Linen manufacturing process is far more complicated than cotton –and much more labour intensive which explains the price of linen fabric used for the bedding.



1.Linen is an annual plant – so for every season new seeds has to be sown on the fields. The best quality flax is achieved the seeds are sown during the cool and cloudy weather which is not yet cold either.

2. After 100 days flax is ready to be harvested – if the weather has been favourable for the farmers. In order to get the best longest fibres possible, the harvesting should be made by hand so the roots can be also pulled up. Long flax fibres are considered to guarantee the best quality fabric.

3. Flax stalks are tied together to bundles and left to dry to warm sunny place for several weeks. All this is done by hand again.

4. After stalks have dried the seeds can be removed by crushing the dried seed pods. These can be then used for the next crop.

5. Flax fibre for the yarn is collected from inner bark of the plant – this is called bast fibre. Fibres are in the stalks and it has to be separated from the stalk. The official term for this is “retting” which means that flax stalks are fermented. Often this is done by putting the flax to a water for example river or some other slow moving or stagnant water. This will take again several weeks. The quality of the final product depends very much on this retting process.

6. After retting stalks they are dried (again) and cured in storage between few weeks to months. After drying will be used the first machine in the process - the dried stalks are passed between rollers that crush any remaining woody stalks

7.Now the woody stalks left in the fiber can be separated – this is done by hand with wooden knife, and it is called scutching.

8.To separate the short fibres from long ones fibres go trough a heckling process. Only long fibres are spun into linen fabric which ensures the quality of the final product

9. Now finally the linen yarn can be spun. After spinning the yarn finally the fabric can be woven, bleached or dyed – or if lovely natural linen colour is desired then bleaching and dyeing process is not of course required.


This a short version of flax seeds journey into wonderful and luxurious natural 100% linen bed linen!



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