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Ada & Ina embodies the essence of Nature-inspired Aesthetics, Simplicity, and the allure of Linen fabrics. My journey with linen began decades ago while working for a small independent fashion label in Finland. Upon relocating to the UK 2005 I encountered a challenge: sourcing quality linen for interiors at reasonable prices proved elusive.

Ada & Ina Team

Recognizing that customers desired more than just fabric, I collaborated with skilled artisans, particularly adept women proficient in the art of handcrafted bespoke curtains, I sought to marry the beauty of linen with their expert craftsmanship. This union not only honored the fabric but also celebrated the talent and knowledge of these remarkable seamstresses.

Along this linen journey, our offerings expanded to include a diverse range of products, such as linen bedding and Ada &Ina’s in-house printed curtain fabric collection.

I want to honour linen fabric and offer affordable luxury fabrics without the luxury price tag. This principle extends to both our plain and printed fabric collections. Inspired by Scandinavian minimalism and nature, our printed fabrics reflect simplicity and elegance. While designing printed fabric collection, I prefer one colour prints. This deliberate choice aligns with my vision of creating curtains that are modern yet timeless. I firmly believe that simplicity is key when selecting the perfect fabric for bespoke curtains—less is indeed more.

I hope our fabrics will help you to create your individual home.

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Please note we no longer have a Factory Outlet Shop. Please place your order online and do email us or give us a call if you need any help or advice.



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