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In this section you will find many useful articles online about natural linen fabric, about its properties and other UK home furnishing tips. If the look and texture of linen curtains or linen blinds does not suit your home décor, then organic cotton curtains or cotton blinds, with a smoother texture, might be a good alternative for you.

Why linen is a perfect fabric

Why natural linen is a great choice for curtain fabric material

Many of the curtain fabrics found on the market today are made from synthetic materials such as nylon and polyester. Nylon and polyester curtain fabrics are made from petrochemicals, which are very polluting to the environment and one of the factors contributing to the global warming situation. These curtain fabrics are also non-biodegradable, which means they don’t break down easily and so are difficult to dispose of. Linen and Cotton Curtains are definitely a better choice. 

How To Measure Curtains

Just choose a picture below which best suits your window and take the measurements shown for each of your windows. Please state whether you are measuring in centimeters or inches. Always use a steel tape when measuring to get accurate measurements. Read more about how to take measurements for your linen curtains or linen blinds...

Made To Measure Curtains & Roman Blinds

We can make cotton curtains with the following headings: Tab Top, Triple Pleat, Double Pleat, Eyelet and Pencil Pleat. Our experienced curtain makers can also make curtains with following lining alternatives: Cotton lining, Blackout lining, Thermal lining, Blackout lining and interlining, Thermal lining and interlining. From our vast array of linen fabrics you can find varying qualities of linen for made to measure curtains and roman blinds. We are constantly adding new designs and changing our existing range to keep our collection of curtain fabrics interesting, fresh and contemporary. Read more about our linen curtains and linen blinds...

The Largest Collection of Linen Fabrics in the UK

Various textures and colors are available to enhance any room or house. Linen's texture is at its best against the light where the flax fibre can be seen in all of its natural beauty. When the light filters through simple curtains that is when flax linen is at its most stunning. Also flax is the strongest natural fibre in common use. Read more about our linen fabrics collection...

Tips for Ordering Fabrics

Please read these useful tips before ordering your curtain fabric, upholstery fabric or fabric for loose covers.

  1. Measuring Curtains: Please use a steel tape when measuring your curtains, as fabric tapes give a less accurate result. Other good way to get exactly the right measurements is to measure your old curtains if you are replacing existing ones.
  2. Please install curtain rails before measuring the curtains length and width. You might not be able to get the rails exactly where you want them.

How does Irish linen compare to other linen fabrics?

Ada & Ina - natural linen fabrics was founded by a few Finnish linen lovers. We started to import linen fabrics to UK in 2000, since there were so few companies importing quality linen from Central European Mills to UK. However, which we did not quite understand how strong a concept Irish Linen is here in UK. Quite often we are asked samples of Irish linen. Read more about Irish Linen Fabric...

How you should take care of your linen fabrics?

All linen consists exclusively of flax thread. In half linen, the warp is composed of cotton yarn and the weft of flax thread. It is important to remember when considering care of linen that cotton soils more quickly than linen and must therefore be washed more often. Read more and learn how to take care of your linen curtains and linen blinds...

The History of Linen Fabric

"It is truly impossible to learn which of the many natural fibres were first used for textile purposes, or even to be sure how that particular fibre came to be used, but of the four chief textile fibres, wool, cotton, silk and flax, the last is unquestionably the most ancient. Some anthropologist even declare that it is possible that linen had its origin not long after the advent of man." Read more about linen fabrics...

Some Properties of Linen Fabrics

Linen varies from a creamy white to greyish brown, the depth of colour depending largely on the time and condition of retting. It may be bleached to white or near white, or to any stage between the original colour and white, and is found on the market at the various stages of bleaching. Read more about linen fabrics curtain material...

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