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Pencil pleat curtains from Ada & Ina Online Curtain Shop
Pencil Pleat
Pencil pleat is the most common heading. It is classic and suits most contemporary decor.
How to hang pencil pleat curtains >>
Triple pleat curtains from Ada & Ina - Shop curtains online
Triple Pleat
Triple pleat has a more formal look than pencil pleat. Classic and stylish, the triple pleat heading gives elegant creases when your curtains are hung up. Hand sewn buckram heading with hooks included.
How to hang triple pleat curtains >>
Gathered heading curtains - a simple, elegant look by Ada & Ina Curtains
Gathered Heading
A casual and airy look for curtains.
How to hang curtains with a gathered heading >>
Double pleat curtains from Ada & Ina - Shop curtains online
Double Pleat
Well defined double pleated curtains will make your curtains look exceptionally beautiful. Hand sewn buckram heading with hooks included.
Curtains with tab tops - Ada & Ina
Tab Tops
A modern, less formal alternative than the eyelets heading for a curtain pole.
Eyelet curtains - elegant and minimalistic - Ada & Ina
Eyelet Curtains
For a more minimalistic look, choose these elegant simple curtain eyelets for a curtain pole. Our standard eyelet size is 40mm (inside diameter). The heading height (above the eyelet) is 3 cm.
Rod Pocket Curtains from Ada & Ina
Rod Pocket Curtains
A simple alternative for curtain poles. Rod Pocket Curtains can be also used as flat curtain panels. PLEASE NOTE! This alternative does not have any extra fullness. So curtains will be exactly the same width as your curtain rod or track. Rod pocket size is 6 cm.
Flat panel curtains from Ada & Ina
Flat Curtain Panel
Simple curtains without heading tape. Suitable for curtain clips.
Wave curtains form Ada & Ina
Wave Curtains
Contemporary and Stylish Curtain Heading Style. Effortless Chic finish. Suitable for poles and tracks.

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