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Order 5 free Fabric Samples from our collection of both cotton and linen fabrics.

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Our speciality is linen fabric and patterned curtain fabrics as well as upholstery fabrics - however our fabrics are versatile and can be used for other projects like clothing too.

The first 5 samples are sent free of charge to addresses within the UK and most of Europe. Additional samples are £0.45 per sample. There is a small postage fee if sent to an address outside EU. Prices are shown per metre. The samples are approximately 10x10 cm in size. Large Fabric Samples also available, size approximately 30x30 cm. These are perfect especially for patterned fabrics.

All fabrics are 100% made of natural fibres. So therefore perfect fabrics for beautiful curtains, blinds, upholstery and more. Please click the fabric photo to see detailed information and photos of each fabric.

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  1. Dottie White
    Dotted curtain and blind fabric with White dots
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Why do we offer free fabric samples?

We believe in our fabrics - they're 100% natural, sourced from the finest textile factories, and are designer quality without the hefty price tag!

While we have done our best to ensure the photos on our website accurately reflect the colours of our fabrics, the reality is that each computer will have its own colour display settings. We want to make sure you're getting exactly what you want, which is why we offer five free samples. This gives you the opportunity to test their toughness, see how they look in natural light, and feel how soft they are - all of which are important considerations to any craft project.

Our policy is simple - if you live in the UK or Europe, we'll deliver these samples to you free of charge. If you live outside of the EU, then we'll charge a small postage fee. Browse now, and we look forward to sending you your free fabric samples!


How many free fabric samples can I order?
You can order 5 free fabric samples. Additional samples cost £.45 per sample.
Do you deliver fabric samples for free?
We'll deliver your samples free of charge to any address in the UK and EU. If you reside outside of the EU, then you will have to pay a small postage fee for your free fabric samples.
How large are the fabric samples?
Our fabric samples are 10x10 cm in size. We also offer 30x30 cm large fabric samples, though please note these cost £4.99 per sample.
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