White Linen Fabric

Crisp, cool, and chic, our white linen fabric is a timeless choice for any home. Each one is 100% natural, soft, and breathable. They're perfect for creating elegant curtains, Roman blinds, or even custom duvet covers and pillowcases. Browse our collection of white linen and order your five free samples to help decide which are right for you.

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  1. Agneta Off-white
    Off-white sheer curtain fabric, 100% linen. Lovely Draping. 150 cm wide.
  2. Alisa White
    Beautiful 100% linen fabric for sheer, airy & light linen curtains. Very soft finish.
  3. Almeta Off-white
    Off-white sheer curtain fabric. 58% linen 42% cotton. Soft Draping. 160 cm wide.
    Special Price £17.99 Regular Price £19.99
  4. Anne White 300cm
    Offwhite - Classic Smooth 100% linen fabric - Double Width Fabric for linen curtains and linen blinds.
    Special Price £45.99 Regular Price £49.99
  5. Astrid White
    100% Linen Fabric for classic linen curtains and blinds. Perfect off-white shade.
  6. Bea Off White
    Off White colour for relaxed or classic look linen curtains and blinds.
    Special Price £19.99 Regular Price £21.99
  7. Bianco Pure White
    Purest White - washed 100% Linen Fabric for curtains & blinds etc.
  8. Bianco White
    Off-White linen fabric with rustic linen texture - for curtains & blinds etc.
    Special Price £21.99 Regular Price £24.99
  9. Carita Off-White 300cm
    Double width Whitelinen fabric. Fabulous for curtains and blinds. Classic Linen fabric with smooth finish.
  10. Greta Off-White
    Off-white - Heavy 100% linen fabric for warm curtains, blinds & upholstery. Premium quality linen.
    Special Price £39.99 Regular Price £42.99
  11. Greta White
    White - Heavy 100% Linen Fabric for warm curtains, blinds & upholstery. Premium quality linen.
    Special Price £39.99 Regular Price £44.99
  12. Linnea White
    White - 100% Linen Fabric for Curtains, Blinds, cushions, table linen. Medium weight.
  13. Linny Brilliant White
    Pure white linen. Fabulous soft 100% linen fabric for light and airy curtains and roman blinds.
    Special Price £17.99 Regular Price £21.99
  14. Linny Off White
    Off-white Linen. Fabulous soft 100% linen fabric for light and airy curtains and roman blinds.
    Special Price £17.99 Regular Price £21.99
  15. Mette Off-White 300 cm
    Beautiful sheer linen for classic white sheer curtains. Double width 300 cm. 100% Linen.
    Special Price £35.99 Regular Price £39.99
  16. Milla Off-White
    Pre-washed white sheer linen fabric for curtains
  17. Milla Off-White-180
    Milla - Off-White Colour prewashed sheer linen fabric for curtains
    Special Price £25.99 Regular Price £29.99
  18. Milla Pure-White-180
    Milla - Pure-White Colour prewashed sheer linen fabric for curtains
    Special Price £25.99 Regular Price £29.99
  19. Molly White
    Very soft sheer 100% linen fabric. Drapes beautifully. Off-white colour.
  20. Pearls White
    White pearls print, great for curtains and blinds.
  21. Serah Off-White 300 cm
    300 cm wide Off-white sheer fabric for beautiful sheer curtains. 100% linen.
  22. Valeria White 280cm
    Stone-washed, light weight White fabric, 280 cm wide!
  23. Vilgot White 280cm
    Stone-washed, light weight White fabric, 280 cm wide. Ideal for wide curtains andbedding. 100% linen.
  24. Vilma Off-White 300cm
    Stone-washed, Beautiful off-white 300cm wide prewashed 100% linen fabric. Ideal for wide linen curtains.
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Why shop Ada & Ina linen fabrics?

tips how to order linen fabric online
We stock the finest fabrics, plain and simple. This is because they are made to the highest quality using natural fibres only. (Unlike synthetic fabrics like viscose that require the use of harsh chemicals, linen is made from the fibres of the flax plant, which is a renewable resource.) Our cotton and linen fabrics have a beautiful texture which looks its best in sunlight, and we carry them in many shades of colour, including undyed linens that have natural shades like off-white or oatmeal.
We recommend you order free fabric samples when selecting linen fabric for your curtains, blinds, upholstery, or next crafts and dressmaking project. (We also offer Supersize fabric samples.) We'll deliver up to 5 samples free of charge so you can test their weight and see their true colour before making your decision.

reasons to love linen fabric



Eco-friendly, natural fabrics

Our fabrics also happen to be eco-friendly. We use pigment printing for our print fabrics. This form of printing doesn't require steaming or washing, dramatically reducing power and water consumption and its overall environmental impact. Additionally, the inks we use are OEKO-TEX® certified, which means they comply with ecological standards and do not contain any harmful substances. (Please bear in mind that as all our fabrics are natural, they haven't been treated and so may require UV fabric protection to prevent fading.)

How to wash linen fabric

Made-to-measure linen fabrics

Last but by no means least, a great reason why you should shop our linen fabrics is that we have an in-house team of skilled seamstresses who can prepare exact made-to-measure linen curtains and made-to-measure linen roman blinds for your home. What's more, you don't have to worry about any nasty surprises, as we have an instant price calculator that factors into account all of your specifications. Click on our made-to-measure products and give it a try!


Some useful tips for you before you order your linen fabric

1. If you are ordering linen for curtains or upholstery fabric, please ask your curtain maker or upholsterer to calculate how much fabric is needed. Fabric width and size of the pattern repeat (for patterned fabrics only) can be viewed in the fabric details. It's important to know exactly how much fabric you will need.

2. When choosing curtain fabric or fabric for upholstery or loose covers for your home, please remember that the fabric will appear darker in larger areas.

3. If you are looking to make curtains that do not have any seams in the middle, then select "wide" on the left-hand filter menu to see our wider-width fabrics. We have a good selection of double-width linen fabrics that can be used as railroaded fabrics – which means the fabric drop is cut from selvage to selvage.

4. You can use all of our fabrics for curtains or blinds – unless stated otherwise. However, please keep in mind that not all of our fabrics are suitable for upholstery or loose covers, as such fabric needs to be heavy and more hard-wearing.

5. Remember to order your free fabric samples. The photos on our website are a close representation of the colours, but different screen settings makes it impossible for the colours to be perfectly replicated.

6. Please bear in mind that our fabrics are 100% natural and haven't been treated. If you are looking to make sofa covers then you will need to apply UV fabric protection to prevent fading.



What is linen fabric?
Linen is a type of fabric made from the fibres of the flax plant. It has a distinctive and beautiful texture, and is often considered to be a fabric of luxury, elegance, and comfort. Because it’s made from natural fibres it is hypoallergenic and skin-friendly. Linen also happens to be a very strong fabric. It can withstand repeated washings, and this durability makes it the perfect choice for bedding, blinds, and curtains (linen curtains can keep your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer). Lastly, linen is a versatile fabric – it can be used for a variety of sewing projects including dressmaking, soft furnishings, and more. If you’re interested in working with linen, order free samples and see if their colour, weight, and quality suits your needs.
How do I order linen fabric from Ada & Ina?
Use our left-hand filter menu to narrow your search. For example, if you click ‘Material’ you can find different types of linen material including pure linen, cotton linen blends, linen mix fabrics, pre-washed, and more. Alternatively, you can shop by ‘Usage’ and find fabrics for curtains or blinds, or fabrics on sale. We suggest you spend a while examining our linens and that you order free fabric swatches before deciding on the fabric for your project.
How do I care for linen fabrics?
Wondering how to wash and care for your linen? If you have any of our plain and unprinted fabric, you can wash it in the washing machine (just keep in mind that if the linen is not pre-washed, it will shrink in the first wash). And if you have any of our printed fabrics, we recommend you take it to the dry cleaners (we use Timpsons). This is to ensure the prints do not fade. If you’re unable to take the printed fabric to the dry cleaners, then we recommend you gently hand wash it in a clean sink or basin. Alternatively, if there are no visible stains, you can give the fabric a simple dusting or gentle hoovering. If you have lined linen curtains, we recommend you take them to the dry cleaners, since the linings may otherwise shrink.
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