How to Measure Bed Spreads and Bed Valances


A is the mattress width

B is the mattress length

C is the drop - Measure from the top edge of your mattress
to the point you would like bedspread to finish.

Measuring bed spreads - Ada & Ina
The total bedspread measurements will be:
Total length = Mattress length (B) + Drop (C)
Total width = Mattress width (A) + (2 x Drop (C))

For example if the mattress width = 160 cm, mattress length = 200 cm and the drop = 30, the total measurements will be
Total length = 200 cm + 30 cm = 230 cm
Total width = 160 cm + (2 x 30 cm) = 220 cm

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A is the bed base's width

B is the bed base's length

C is the drop - Measure from top of the bed base (or the bottom
edge of your mattress)
 to the point you would like bed valance to finish.

Measuring bed valances - Ada & Ina

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