Yellow and Mustard Cotton Curtain Fabric

Buy Online Yellow and Mustard Cotton Curtain Fabric for your beautiful new curtains or soft furnishings. Happiness, uplifted spirits, Yellow and Mustard Cotton Curtain Fabric give us all a boost creating us to feel more confident, positive and optimistic. That is why whenever the sun comes out, we all perk a bit. So why wouldn't you want to feel this all year round? Take a look at joyful shades of yellow and mustard cotton curtain fabrics to bring a smile to your home.

Ada & Ina’s Online Shop is dedicated for fabrics, which are 100% natural and we have sourced you the most gorgeous fabrics so you can create a luxurious home at a reasonable price. Order 5 free samples by adding the samples to your shopping basket.

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Some useful tips for you before ordering your linen fabric...

tips how to order linen fabric online
1:  If you are ordering fabric for curtains or upholstery: Please ask your curtain maker or upholsterer calculate how much fabric is needed. You can find a fabric width and size of the pattern repeat (patterned fabrics only) from the fabric details. There are many different ways of making curtains or upholstering so they will know exactly how much fabric they will use for your curtains or upholstery project.
2: When you are choosing your curtain fabric or fabric for upholstery or loose covers for your home, please remember that the fabric will look darker in larger areas.
3: We have also a good selection of double width fabrics which are an ideal for creating curtains which do not have any seams in the middle of the curtains – these fabrics can be used as railroaded fabrics – which means the fabric drop is cut from selvage to selvage. Just select “wide” on the left-hand side selection to see all our wider width fabrics.
4: All linen fabrics can be used for curtains or blinds – unless stated otherwise. However, as fabric for upholstery and fabrics for loose covers need to be heavy and more hard wearing - therefore not all our fabrics are suitable for loose covers or upholstery.
5: Before making any decisions please order your free sample swatches of the curtain fabric, upholstery fabric or fabric for loose cover which you are considering. The photos on our website are close representation of the colours due to the different screen settings it is impossible to replicate the colours so they would be the same on every screen.
6: Please bear in mind that all our fabrics are a natural fabric and haven’t been treated, so if you are looking to make sofa covers of any other product then this would be up to you or your maker to apply any UV scotch guard to prevent fading  
7: Linen fabris are versitile - so many of our fabrics can be used for many other sewing projects you might have e.g. for clothing, any soft furnishing - just order an sample and see if the quality of linen fabric is right for your project!  

reasons to love linen fabric



More reasons to love linen fabric...

Linen fabric is noted as the fabric of luxury and it symbolizes comfort and elegance.

It has a beautiful texture which is at its best as curtains and against the light on the window.

It is also possibly the world's oldest fabric.

It is antibacterial and antifungal.

Natural linen is also perfect for curtains and upholstery since it is highly durable.

Its durability should be taken into account when considering costs - it is the perfect choice for curtains, blinds and also for upholstery.

Linen curtains can keep your house warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

It has been sometimes been considered as expensive fabrics, but today it is competitive in price with many other fabrics. 

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How to wash linen fabric

How to wash linen fabric?

Our plain and unprinted linen fabric is easy to wash in the washing machine– and after every wash it gets softer and smoother! It will just look better after every wash.  However please remember that if the linen is not pre-washed it will shrink in the first wash. For example, our Bianco fabric range is pre-washed so you do not have the worry about shrinkage if you choose pre-washed fabric.

However if you are making lined curtains please take curtains only dry cleaners since all linings will shrink otherwise even though the top curtain fabric would be pre-washed. This applies all curtain fabrics not just to linen fabric – unfortunately, there is not yet pre-washed curtain linings available yet. But if your curtains are just dusty you can carefully hoover them or just take them outside to the fresh air.



Ada & Ina love feel, look and understated elegance of the linen,

since it is the most beautiful fabric ever created!

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