Champagne Silver
  • Antique Gold
  • Ivory
  • Champagne Silver
  • Cotton
  • Pewter
  • Oak
  • Plain Bracket front - Antique Gold
  • Plain Bracket Side - Antique Gold
  • Plain Bracket front - Ivory
  • Plain Bracket Side - Ivory
  • Plain Bracket front - Champagne Silver
  • Plain Bracket Side - Champagne Silver
  • Plain Bracket front - Cotton
  • Plain Bracket Side - Cotton
  • Plain Bracket front - Pewter
  • Plain Bracket Side - Pewter
  • Plain Bracket front - Oak
  • Plain Bracket Side - Oak

Natural 40mm Handcrafted Pole

Natural 40mm - Made in UK

Natural Handcrafted wooden Curtain pole includes one curtain pole, 2 finials and rings. Choose your brackets below.
Holdbacks, drawing rod and additional rings can be added separately to your order.

Pole Diametre: 40mm (also available in 30mm)
Sizes: 180cm, 240cm & 300cm (also available in 120cm & 150cm)
Natural 40mm Finial: 85mm


Rings (included)





*Poles supplied in two halves with joining piece

Choose your brackets from the following 3:

  • NATURAL Brackets
    Plain Bracket - Simple bracket, suits all walls. Projection 85mm to the center of the pole.
    Extension Bracket - Brackets for having the pole farther away from the wall. Projection 170mm to the center of the pole.
    Recess Bracket - Brackets for fitting a pole inside a window recess

Additional products (optional):

  • Made to Measure track size
    If you wish, we will cut your track to the required size. Please select the nearest size of the pole and then fill in the exact measurement in the box below. We will cut the pole to the measurement you've filled in (remember: the finials add some extra length).
    Measure in between the finials. 
  • Holdbacks
    Projection: 152mm
    Width: 115mm 
    Colour: Same as curtain pole  
  • Drawing Rod
    Length: 100cm 
    Colour: Same as curtain pole  
Pole Color
Plain Bracket (standard)
Extension Bracket
Recess Bracket
Drawing Rod
Holdbacks (1 Pair)
Option: Shorten to exact length (+£8.00)

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