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Please choose a fabric for your made to measure roman blinds - we make both bespoke cotton and linen blinds. After entering the measurements you will get an instant price for your linen blinds.

We have a passion for creating beautiful and functional roman blinds. Natural fabrics combined with quality craftsmanship and good quality roman blind mechanisms will guarantee that your made roman blinds which will last for decades and good quality fabrics will never go out of fashion. All our blinds are made to measure products which are all made by Ada & Ina's Curtain Artisans in the UK.

Amazing offer for Natural and White linen roman blinds! All you have to do is select Adel White or Adria Natural fabric, calculate the price online for your Blinds and you will automatically see the 20% discount in the Cart.

10% off all Roman Blinds - see details and our current lead time estimate

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Some useful tips for you before ordering your Made to Measure Roman Blinds

made to measure linen blinds

1: Measuring Roman Blinds: Please use a steel tape when measuring your blinds, as fabric tapes give a more inaccurate result. Other good ways to get exactly the right measurements is to measure your old blinds if you are replacing existing blinds.

2: Roman Blinds include all the fixtures and fittings needed for the installation. It is super easy to put them up! They can be fixed to the ceiling (top-fix) or wall (face-fix).

3: When you are choosing your fabric for your made to measure roman blinds, please remember that the fabric will look darker in larger areas.

4: If you want to create an illusion of higher windows and let maximum amount of natural light into your room – the blinds can be fixed much higher than the actual window. This way when the blind is pulled up the window looks much bigger and room much higher. However please remember to add then some extra length to your roman blind drop. Please contact us first if you would be using a bonded lining, as this could bulk up your blind.

5: We can make all our fabrics to roman blinds – unless stated otherwise. Sheer linen fabrics can be made also to roman blinds without lining- This way you will get more light decorative roman blinds. However, if you prefer more functional roman blinds for example for the bedroom or living room consider blackout or thermal lining – linings will give more body and structure to your blinds too.

6: Before making any decisions please order your free sample swatches of the roman blind fabric, which you are considering. The photos on our website are close representation of the colours due to the different screen settings it is impossible to replicate the colours so they would be the same on every screen.

7: All our blinds are machine made – when ordering blackout lining on your blinds, you will have minimal light coming through the needle hols from the sewing machine. If you would prefer not to have these, you can contact us for a quote for a handmade blind.

8: Especially for the bedroom blinds it might be a good idea to add some extra width to the blind on the sides (if the space allows that) so it prevents the light leaking from the sides.


Linen Blinds - Made to Measure Linen Roman Blinds

Is a made to measure roman blind right for me?

In short, YES.

More choice

By ordering a custom-made roman blind, you have much more choices and variety in colours and patterns. Something that isn’t available when you walk into a store.


You can order 5 free samples to make finding the perfect match for your room, so you wouldn’t need to go back and forth to the store to swap the product. You decide from the sample that suits best.

Perfect Fit

By ordering made to measure roman blinds you can ensure that the blinds are made to the exact spec of your window. This takes away the stress of trying to make it fit when the size is a fraction too big or small for its purpose.

Saves you time

It is time consuming to find right size roman blinds off the shelf and it is difficult to find the whole combination colour, size, chain colour and right lining for your room. So, ordering a made to measure blind can be done with a few clicks on our website, allowing you time for more important things.

Premium Quality Roman Blind System

  1. Ada & Ina’s uses only premium cassette blind systems which include:
  2. White Hook & Loop Faced Profile and Control Unit
  3. Standard colour for the chain is white but you can also choose some other colours Chain
  4. All chains have a Safety Device
  5. Aluminium Bottom Bar – which is sewn inside the blind and this helps the blind to retain its shape
  6. Top / Face Fit Brackets with Screws & Wall Plugs
  7. Installation Instructions

Easy Colour coordination

Now that you have your new blind up, you can order matching cushion covers for the room or a matching bedspread to show the true luxury that made to measure blinds allow, unlike when you purchase in a walk-in store and have to make do with a close match. You can also order curtains in the same fabric, which would not be possible for most ready-made blinds.

Express Service

In a hurry? Then you can take advantage of our Express service and have your made to measure blinds with you in 5 – 7 working days!

Ada & Ina Made To Measure Roman Blind Artisan, we will make you the most beautiful Roman Blinds with love. Love Linen Blinds with us!