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Linen fabric is our specialty - we love the look and feel of it! It is  the perfect interior fabric at the same time it has a luxury feeling and it works so beautifully as a curtain fabric and upholstery fabric. We have fabrics in many shades of white, grey, blue, red, white, green etc. Even Natural Colour (undyed) linen has many shades - some of them are lighter oatmeal colour and darker ones we call natural.

Ada & Ina has a collection of over 1 000 linen fabrics and cotton fabrics for curtains, upholstery and clothing. Our fabrics are all 100% natural and therefore perfect as curtain fabric or for roman blinds.

Why linen fabric is “luxury fabric” and we love it?

We think Linen Fabric is the most beautiful fabric in the world and in addition to that it only gets better with wear and is highly sustainable!

How to order fabric?

You can also use the filter Usage / Upholstery if you are searching for an upholstery fabric. We suggest you spend a while examining our linens online and order some samples to choose a fabric that is the perfect fit for your project.

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