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How to care for linen fabrics

13 May

Here we have put together a few pointers to how to take care of your linen fabrics and to get them remain in good condition for longer. If you would like further advice please contact us!

Linen washing instructions:

  • Always follow the instructions included in the product.
  • Linen products are usually washed separately from other laundry.
  • Fill the washing machine only half full.
  • The linen product should also irrigated in lukewarm water before washing, as it reduces washing wrinkles from forming.
  • Check the lint filter before and after washing.
  • Washing temperature of 40 and 60 degrees.

The detergent according to the washing temperature:

60 degrees: white laundry detergent, bleached linen

40 degrees: colored laundry detergent, natural colored linen and linen terry.

Lots of water and the slow rhythm during washing to reduce wrinkling and shedding.

Linen fabric care instructions (after washing):

  • Straighten the linen fabric immediately after washing and hang to dry.
  • Avoid using a tumble dryer. It consumes natural fabrics.
  • Mangle or iron linen fabric when it’s moist.
  • Washing and ironing straight linen shrinks about 7%
  • Store linen products straight or rolled , as the linen fiber is fragile, which brakes easily if folded in long term storage.


Linen Towels from Ada & Ina

6 Jul
linen towels

linen towels

Ada & Ina have added some gorgeous linen towels to their product range.  Ada & Ina’s linen towels are made of heavy 100% natural linen fabric. Once you have tried linen towels you won’t want to change back to your terry towels again! Linen fabric is luxurious material and it absorbs moisture better than cotton. No wonder linen towels has been hand down to the next generation in the past – the fabric will just get better and softer after every wash.  Why not start to build your future heirlooms today and get some lovely linen towels.

New Website!!!

13 Apr

We have taken onboard all your many helpful suggestions and comments (thank you!) and have completely revamped the website. It looks sooooo good. I am so happy! 😀  This will make it so much easier to order samples, and buy linen fabrics and curtains from us. Now go shop!