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Diy Linen Lantern Lamp

27 May

You will need:

  • Linen fabric. We used Ada & Ina’s Lotta White and oatmeal 100% Linen fabrics.
  • The lamp cage & lamp cord
  • Hand sewing needle
  • Sewing supplies

For this tutorial we used the old Ikea Orgel lamp. If you don’t have this old Ikea lamp it’s ok to use any other lamp frame if available. Start by removing the paper around the lamp cage and clean them thoroughlyMeasure the circumference of the frame, prepare your fabric and cut to size.Dimensions of the fabric 84cm width and height about 65cm.  This includes the seam allowance. You can regulate the  height measure according to how tall you want your lamp to be. Turn the seam on the upper edge, pin in place and sew.

Repeat the same for long side seam, except don’t hem it or it will look too thick, just sew 1 cm away from the edge. Don’t need to finish the other edge. You will end up with a tube.

Fit the fabric on top of the frame and pin in place. Sew the fabric by hand onto the frame in four points. This should be enough to keep the fabric in place. We don’t want it  to look too finished.

From the unfinished edge measure about 20cm up and mark the point. Take the same color thread (length 50cm) as your fabric and with long stitches sew it around entire fabric starting from the place you measured and marked. With the thread in place pull and the the fabric will crinkle. Finish the thread securely so that the smocking will stay in place.


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By Soile Makkonen

DIY sewing machine cover

8 May

A cover for your sewing machine is necessary to keep the dust out and keep it running smoothly. Covers that come with most sewing machines are not the most visually-pleasing so make your own from fabric to match your style and decor. With this tutorial it’s super easy to make your own.

You will need:

  • Fabric, sewing machine & sewing supplies. In this project we used Ada&Ina’s Grunge 100% linen fabric.

First you need to measure the dimension of your sewing machine (height, lenght and width)

Cut the fabric according to your measures and add 1cm to each measurement for seam allowance. You can drape the largest piece over your sewing machine to ensure measures and fit are correct. Place the larger piece on the table right side up and measure the center point, to this you will pin the side pieces.

Sew the pieces together and remember to leave 1cm without sewing from the both side pieces edges. Pin the sides to main section with both fabrics inside out and sew together.

Turn the cover right side out and finish bottom edge with zigzag sew. Finally hem at the bottom all the way around, pin in place securely so that the bottom edge will be straight, sew and you’re finished!

Feel free to share this project!

Just remember to link back to us: www.linenfabrics.co.uk/linen-aspirations

Fire blanket cover tutorial

9 Apr


This fire blanket cover tutorial is designed for blanket measuring 100 x 130 cm (39,4 x 51,2 “)

Begin by making a pattern height 43½cm x width 23cm (17,1″ x 9”) These measures include seam allowance. Cut the fabric in two identical-size pieces. We used Ada&Ina’s Chevron & Chervil white linen fabrics. Click images below to enlarge.

After your fabric is cut make a 2 ½ cm (1″) hem to the short edge of the fabric. Cut two pieces of velcro measuring 5cm (2″) and arrange them on top of the hem. Make sure they are on the same positions.

Sew two seams to secure the velcro and the hem. Turn the two fabrics right sides together and attach with needles. To form a pouch sew the long sides and finally the top edge of the fabric.

Turn the pouch right side up and sew the top edge. Then measure about 4cm (1,57″) from the edge and sew again. The eyelet will be  installed between these stitches. We used Prym eyelets and washers 14 mm diameter. Here’s also a great video how to do it yourself.