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Diy Linen Lantern Lamp

27 May

You will need:

  • Linen fabric. We used Ada & Ina’s Lotta White and oatmeal 100% Linen fabrics.
  • The lamp cage & lamp cord
  • Hand sewing needle
  • Sewing supplies

For this tutorial we used the old Ikea Orgel lamp. If you don’t have this old Ikea lamp it’s ok to use any other lamp frame if available. Start by removing the paper around the lamp cage and clean them thoroughlyMeasure the circumference of the frame, prepare your fabric and cut to size.Dimensions of the fabric 84cm width and height about 65cm.  This includes the seam allowance. You can regulate the  height measure according to how tall you want your lamp to be. Turn the seam on the upper edge, pin in place and sew.

Repeat the same for long side seam, except don’t hem it or it will look too thick, just sew 1 cm away from the edge. Don’t need to finish the other edge. You will end up with a tube.

Fit the fabric on top of the frame and pin in place. Sew the fabric by hand onto the frame in four points. This should be enough to keep the fabric in place. We don’t want it  to look too finished.

From the unfinished edge measure about 20cm up and mark the point. Take the same color thread (length 50cm) as your fabric and with long stitches sew it around entire fabric starting from the place you measured and marked. With the thread in place pull and the the fabric will crinkle. Finish the thread securely so that the smocking will stay in place.


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By Soile Makkonen

DIY Tea cosy tutorial

3 Apr



You will need:

  • 2 pcs of top fabric measuring 33cm(width) by 30cm(height) with rounded corners. The fabric used is Ada & Ina’s Azig Yellow linen fabric. We now have a slightly different colour – Azig Mustard.
  • 2pcs of lining fabric and padding, both size 33cm by 30 cm
  • Top fabric for the loop 10cm by 5cm
  • sewing tools

 The dimensions of the finished tea cosy are 33cm by 27cm


Begin by cutting the fabric. Lay the top and lining fabric right sides together and sew from the bottom side.

Arrange both  sewn pieces open on the table right sides together. Place the padding on the wrong sides of the fabric. Loop on the top is not necessary but if you want to do it, put it on place now before you sew the pieces together. Make sure that the seams are aligned.

Start sewing pieces together beginning from the lining fabrics upper edge. Be sure to leave opening for turning.

Pull the fabric through the opening right side up. Sew the opening,  then push the lining fabric inside the top fabric and you’re done.

Feel free to share this project! Just remember to link back to us: www.linenfabrics.co.uk/linen-aspirations


No plans for the weekend? Why don’t you make some Linen Napkins

13 May

linen fabrics napkins

Cute Linen Napkins

This is quite simple  project for sewing newbie even. If you are not confident enough to start making your own linen curtains or linen blinds why not refresh your sewing skills with something easy like these cute linen napkins. You only need a little bit of fabric and some nice threads. You could start creating  your very own heirloom linens and maybe you can embroider there your initials. This would be a perfect start for your heirloom linens. We found these instructions from our favorite blog Design Sponge*. There is an perfect step by step  instructions how to make these unique napkins. You could use use Ada & Ina’s Linen Fabrics for these project. For example all our Linnea fabrics would be perfect for some beautiful linen napkins. With the same idea you can make a matching table runners for these napkins and have a complete new table linen set for your next dinner party!