How much fabric do i need? Upholstery fabric metrics guide

30 Apr

Are you unsure how much fabric you need for your upholstery project? This upholstery fabric guide is meant to help you decide the amount of upholstery fabric you may need for your upholstery project. In this guide we are showing the images of different furniture and number of meters  typically needed for reupholstering. This guide is meant to be a general guide  since all furniture are unique and not necessarily match what is shown on the guide. Try to choose a typical shape which is the closest match to your furniture and add meters as needed. If you are taking on an upholstery project on the very first time – it might be good idea to order about 10% extra fabric – just in case something goes wrong. Sometimes fabric retailers have a limited stock of the fabrics and if you run out of fabric it might be impossible to get some additional fabric if needed.

Some tips:

-Not all furniture fits easily into a general category. Special furniture (ottomans, love seats) require different amounts of fabric than other similar size furniture.

-Sofas with tall backs and ruffled skirts need an extra 2 to 3 meters of fabric. It is better to buy too much than too little, you can always use the excess fabric to make extra sofa pillows.

-If you are upholstering a fabric with a pattern, you need more because of the repeat.

-Take your needs into account and consider fabric durability. Especially if your furniture is heavily used. Lighter and less-woven fabrics are suitable for decorative purposes.

-Please remember to check a shrinkage for the fabric you have chosen. If the fabric shrinks – normally the natural fibers does shrink – please wash the fabric before cutting it. Some natural fiber fabrics can shrink up to 10% which will make huge difference if the fabric is ever washed. 

This guide was created by Ada & Ina. Ada & Ina is specialized in natural upholstery fabrics and curtain fabrics.


By Soile Makkonen


Linen tote bag tutorial

16 Apr



You will need:


Cut the fabric into 4 identical-sized pieces measuring 54 x 25 cm (21,2″ x 9,8″). You will need 2 pieces for each outer and lining fabric. Cut two opposite corners open from each pieces. These cuts will form a bottom for the bag. Place fabrics right sides together,  sew the side seams and the bottom seam together leaving the corners open. After you have sewn the 2 pieces together, open unsewn corners and fold so that the side and bottom seams are aligned. Repeat for both pouches and turn them right sides up.

Place the inner bag inside the outer bag wrong sides together. Finish the top edge of the bag by sewing  over the edge. Then fold the edge to the inside by 1/4 inch and iron. Fold the edge again 3/4 of an inch, iron and pin in place. Stitch around the top edge of the bag. Picture shows the black pocket which can be sewn into place in this stage  or also before fitting the pieces together. Pocket is measuring 9 cm x 10,5 cm (3,5″ x 4,1″).

Now sew  the straps . You will need two straps of leather  measuring 4 cm x 63 cm ( 1,5” x 24,8”) and two linen straps measuring 6 cm x 63 cm ( 2,3″ x 24,8″). Begin by folding the linen fabric on the leather. You can use an iron to help. Pin in place and sew from the both edges. Measure the center of the bag, attach the straps as far away from each other and  sew them firmly on place.

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Fire blanket cover tutorial

9 Apr


This fire blanket cover tutorial is designed for blanket measuring 100 x 130 cm (39,4 x 51,2 “)

Begin by making a pattern height 43½cm x width 23cm (17,1″ x 9”) These measures include seam allowance. Cut the fabric in two identical-size pieces. We used Ada&Ina’s Chevron & Chervil white linen fabrics. Click images below to enlarge.

After your fabric is cut make a 2 ½ cm (1″) hem to the short edge of the fabric. Cut two pieces of velcro measuring 5cm (2″) and arrange them on top of the hem. Make sure they are on the same positions.

Sew two seams to secure the velcro and the hem. Turn the two fabrics right sides together and attach with needles. To form a pouch sew the long sides and finally the top edge of the fabric.

Turn the pouch right side up and sew the top edge. Then measure about 4cm (1,57″) from the edge and sew again. The eyelet will be  installed between these stitches. We used Prym eyelets and washers 14 mm diameter. Here’s also a great video how to do it yourself.