Linen is a Natural Fabric of Choice for Curtains and Upholstery

20 May

Embroided-linen-natural-curtain-fabricLinen is a very distinctive natural fabric which looks wonderful on curtains and upholstery in your home or office. Compared to cotton, the linen fabric is more ecological to produce. It also combines the medicinal qualities of flax with the softness of cotton.

Linen fibre is extremely durable and has a very high density, making it perfect for curtains and upholstery due to the rough use they are subjected to. The tensile strength of linen gives it twice the life of cotton.

Linen shrinks on its first wash and after that initial rinse retains the size permanently. This amazingly soft and beautiful fabric has incredible biological properties. It subdues pathogenic bacteria, fungi and micro-flora.

Linen has many hygroscopic properties including the absorption of moisture supplying optimum heat exchange. Upholstery in the linen fabric is supremely comfortable. The use of linen will not cause any allergies to your family, including the children.

It actually helps relieve skin irritations and has a beneficial effect on your muscular, cardio-vascular and nervous systems. And if this wasn’t incentive enough then consider the massaging properties that linen has due to the microscopic breaks in it! The light massaging that the linen fabric offers will stimulate your blood-flow and help you relax.

Linen is also known to have anti-static qualities that help reduce static electricity. This essentially makes the fabric very comfortable for prolonged contact with your body. When you relax or sleep on linen upholstery, you are much more likely to have a deep and refreshing sleep.

So, for a healthy environment at home, for an elegant look at office; for relaxing in summertime and sleeping in the winter; bring linen into your life. You will experience warmth in winter, a cool feeling in summer, comfort and healthy sleep with the beautiful linen curtains and upholstery.

Linen is truly a natural fabric of choice for the discerning buyer.

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