DIY Tea cosy tutorial

3 Apr



You will need:

  • 2 pcs of top fabric measuring 33cm(width) by 30cm(height) with rounded corners. The fabric used is Ada & Ina’s Azig Yellow linen fabric. We now have a slightly different colour – Azig Mustard.
  • 2pcs of lining fabric and padding, both size 33cm by 30 cm
  • Top fabric for the loop 10cm by 5cm
  • sewing tools

 The dimensions of the finished tea cosy are 33cm by 27cm


Begin by cutting the fabric. Lay the top and lining fabric right sides together and sew from the bottom side.

Arrange both  sewn pieces open on the table right sides together. Place the padding on the wrong sides of the fabric. Loop on the top is not necessary but if you want to do it, put it on place now before you sew the pieces together. Make sure that the seams are aligned.

Start sewing pieces together beginning from the lining fabrics upper edge. Be sure to leave opening for turning.

Pull the fabric through the opening right side up. Sew the opening,  then push the lining fabric inside the top fabric and you’re done.

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