DIY sewing machine cover

8 May

A cover for your sewing machine is necessary to keep the dust out and keep it running smoothly. Covers that come with most sewing machines are not the most visually-pleasing so make your own from fabric to match your style and decor. With this tutorial it’s super easy to make your own.

You will need:

  • Fabric, sewing machine & sewing supplies. In this project we used Ada&Ina’s Grunge 100% linen fabric.

First you need to measure the dimension of your sewing machine (height, lenght and width)

Cut the fabric according to your measures and add 1cm to each measurement for seam allowance. You can drape the largest piece over your sewing machine to ensure measures and fit are correct. Place the larger piece on the table right side up and measure the center point, to this you will pin the side pieces.

Sew the pieces together and remember to leave 1cm without sewing from the both side pieces edges. Pin the sides to main section with both fabrics inside out and sew together.

Turn the cover right side out and finish bottom edge with zigzag sew. Finally hem at the bottom all the way around, pin in place securely so that the bottom edge will be straight, sew and you’re finished!

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