DIY Pot Holder Tutorial

2 Jan

Make your very own pot holder – these are easy and don’t require much time nor fabric!

You will need:

  • 2 squares of linen fabric measuring 23 cm (9″) by 23 cm (9″). Other natural fabrics, such as cotton or wool work just as fine, but be careful not to use synthetic fabrics such as nylon, acetate or polyester because they might melt when in contact with hot materials. The linen fabric is Ada & Ina’s Cecilia Natural chemical-free fabric and Helga Navy cotton fabric.
  • 3 layers of batting (cotton or wool)
  • linen fabric for the edges and loop: 100 cm (40″) by 4 cm (1.5″)
  • sewing tools

1. Start off by drawing the quilting pattern with a pencil on one of the top layers of fabric.

2. Pin all layers together: linen fabric + 3 layers of batting + linen fabric

3. Sew along the drawn lines

4. Fold and iron the fabric for the edges:

5. Cut 8 cm (3.2″) to make the loop. Pin the fabric together along the pressed lines.

When sewn it looks like this:

6. Now attach the binding. Start from one corner and pin the fabric (front to front) to the pot holder.

7. Attach the loop in a corner, underneath the binding. Sew along the first fold.

When sewn, it will look something like this:

8. Turn the pot holder over and pin the other side of the binding.

9. Sew along the edge of the binding.


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