DIY Box Bag from Fabric Scraps

24 Oct

linen fabric-project-sewing-craft

This gorgeous box bag is easy to sew from fabric scraps you have lying around. It’s really handy to use for storing sewing accessories because of it’s steady design. Or why not use it for your make-up?

linen fabric-project-sewing-craft

  • Fabric size: 24cm x 50cm (9.4 x 19.7 inches)
  • Zipper length: 24cm (9.4 inches)
    With these measurements the final box bag will be 12cm wide, 15cm long, and 10cm high. The fabric used in this project is Ada & Ina’s Pearls Grey 100% linen fabric.

 Start off by sewing a zigzag stitch around the whole piece of fabric to prevent the fabric from fraying.

Sew the zipper to the fabric, RIGHT sides together!

If you want to, you can sew an additional seam on the right side of the fabric, on each side of the zipper. This gives the bag a clean finish! So now your box bag looks like a tube.

Turn your box-bag-tube inside out and lay it flat, with the zipper in the middle. Sew the ends of your “tube” as shown above.
Tip! Sew a few times back and forth across the ends of the zipper to make it steadier!

Measure a square in each corner of your bag (remember to measure from the seams!) and cut the corners. In this case the corners are 4cm x 4cm (1.5 x 1.5 inches).
If you have different measurements than this, divide the depth of your bag in half and subtract 1,5cm (1/2 inch) from that!

Now pinch your cut-out corners together so that the seam is in the centre (as shown above). Still the bag is inside-out!
Now your bag finally looks more like a box!

Last step: sew the corners

linen fabric-project-sewing-craft

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