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DIY Pot Holder Tutorial

2 Jan

Make your very own pot holder – these are easy and don’t require much time nor fabric!

You will need:

  • 2 squares of linen fabric measuring 23 cm (9″) by 23 cm (9″). Other natural fabrics, such as cotton or wool work just as fine, but be careful not to use synthetic fabrics such as nylon, acetate or polyester because they might melt when in contact with hot materials. The linen fabric is Ada & Ina’s Cecilia Natural chemical-free fabric and Helga Navy cotton fabric.
  • 3 layers of batting (cotton or wool)
  • linen fabric for the edges and loop: 100 cm (40″) by 4 cm (1.5″)
  • sewing tools

1. Start off by drawing the quilting pattern with a pencil on one of the top layers of fabric.

2. Pin all layers together: linen fabric + 3 layers of batting + linen fabric

3. Sew along the drawn lines

4. Fold and iron the fabric for the edges:

5. Cut 8 cm (3.2″) to make the loop. Pin the fabric together along the pressed lines.

When sewn it looks like this:

6. Now attach the binding. Start from one corner and pin the fabric (front to front) to the pot holder.

7. Attach the loop in a corner, underneath the binding. Sew along the first fold.

When sewn, it will look something like this:

8. Turn the pot holder over and pin the other side of the binding.

9. Sew along the edge of the binding.


DIY Linen Xmas Calendar

19 Nov

December is almost here! Still enough time for some crafts – to create that warm handmade feel that Christmas is all about. Today we would like to bring you a project called “Linen Christmas Calendar”.All done Linen Calendar

You can use your own judgement with colours, design etc. The pictures are from a project that a family member documented while sewing her own calendar.

The pouches:

  1. Cut 23 pieces of natural coloured linen fabric. Pieces should be 7 cm x 25 cm.
  2. Cut one piece of the same fabric 12 cm x 25 cm. You might guess this is for the 24th day. 🙂

The burlap pieces:

  1. Cut 23 pieces of natural coloured burlap fabric. Pieces should be 5.5 cm x 5.5 cm.
  2. For the bigger pouch cut a larger piece of burlap fabric of 10 cm x 10 cm

Sewing them together:

  1. Sew all 24 burlap fabric pieces from to linen pouch pieces so that the burlap piece is almost at the bottom.
  2. Then fold the linen cloth upside down and sew the edges (1 short edge, 2 long edges) closed. All 24 pieces.
  3. Fold all pouches back the right way.
  4. Cut a piece of red linen, 90 x 40 cm.
  5. Sew a 3 cm large rod pocket in top and bottom edges.
  6. Arrange the prepared bags on the red cloth in any order you think is most beautiful.
  7. Attach the bags with pins.
  8. Sew the bags to red fabric at top and bottom. At the top make sure sewing is invisible.
  9. Make yarn twists of red wool to close the pouches. Rotate the wool so that the yarn looks like a cord. To do this you can put the other end even though a door handle. Improvise!
  10. Close the bags with cords.
  11. Crochet the numbers from the same thread as the cords.
  12. Use fabric glue to attach numbers to bags.
  13. Put wooden sticks (poles) through the rod pockets at the top and bottom.
  14. You may sew the edges closed for a more polished result.
  15. Attach the calendar to the wall with some cord or just hang it from the pole.
  16. Finally: you should fill the bags with chocolate or some other special surprises. You may choose something larger and even more valuable for the 24th day, if you like. 🙂

If you don’t have any fabrics for the project yet, we’d like to recommend

Feel free to share this project! Just remember to link back to us:

Merry Xmas from Ada & Ina! 🙂

Vallila Interior fabrics now available!

11 Oct
Vallila fabrics

New fabrics from Vallila Interiors

New and Fresh from Finland! We have just got some contemporary fabrics from Vallila Interior.
These fabrics will give your home a new edge. You can find them at

On our UK site you can find Vallila fabrics by selecting [Pick a style / Vallila fabrics].

On our Finnish, Swedish and German sites they are located in our WoW! Collection.

We have samples already available for most of these fabrics. Have a look today!