Curtain Styles

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When ordering made to measure curtains you can choose between different curtain headings and linings in order to create curtains best suitable for your home. For made to measure roman blinds, there are additional linings in order to make your blinds more versatile and functional


Additions to Made to Measure Curtains

Curtain Linings

When ordering made to measure curtains, make sure to choose the linings and headings most suitable for your needs. 
A curtain lining is an additional layer of fabric that is sewed to the curtain fabric. Ada & Ina’s linings include blackout linings, thermal linings and cotton linings.

Curtain Headings 

A curtain heading is the top part of the curtain, where it is attached to the curtain rod or pole. The heading has a large aesthetic impact and it also determines the curtain fullness

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Additions to Made to Measure Roman Blinds

When buying made to measure roman blinds you can make them versatile by adding an additional layer of fabric: a cotton lining, blackout lining or thermal lining. 

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Curtain styles by Ada & Ina