7 Tips for Ordering Curtains, Binds and Fabrics

Some useful tips for you before ordering your curtains, blinds or fabric

1:  Measuring Curtains: Please use a steel tape when measuring your curtains, as fabric tapes give a more inaccurate result. Other good ways to get exactly the right measurements is to measure your old curtains if you are replacing existing curtains.

2: We calculate how wide curtains you need! You only need to give us the width of your curtain pole or track . Please find measuring instructions for your curtains from here: How To Measure Curtains

3: Please install curtain rails before measuring the curtains length and width. You might not be able to get the rails exactly where you want them.

4: When you are choosing your curtain fabric or fabric for upholstery or loose covers, please remember that the fabric will look darker in larger areas.

5: How wide will be my curtains? What does mean curtain fullness? How do we calculate the fullness when we make curtains for you? Please find below a guide for different fullness ratios for different curtain heading types.

Ada & Ina’s Standard Fullness Guide for different curtain heading types :

  • Gathered Heading 1.8
  • Pencil Pleat 2
  • Triple Pleat 2.2
  • Eyelet Curtains 1.35
  • Rod Pocket Curtains 1.00

Read more about curtain fullness here.

6: We can make all our fabrics to curtains or blinds – unless stated otherwise. However since upholstering fabrics and fabrics for loose covers require a heavy fabric and more hard wearing fabric - therefore not all our fabrics are suitable for loose covers or upholstery.

7: Before making any decisions please order your free samples swatches of the curtain fabric, upholstery fabric or fabric for loose cover which you are considering. Once we have cut the fabric off the roll and processed your order we are not able to give any refunds or accept any returns.